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The RPS TOUCH is a multipurpose security sensor that mounts on the inside of the vehicle’s windshield and is compatible with all Compustar Alarm and Alarm/Starter units. It provides a touch based paging control that allows someone to page your Compustar 2-way remote from your vehicle, as well as taking innovation even further and allowing for a touch based vehicle unlock feature.

It contains three super blue LEDs that flash while the system is armed.

Alarm Rearm and Lock

To rearm your vehicle, simply hold your finger on the "Red Circle" for 2.5 seconds until the LEDs go out and then release. No keys or remote needed! Your car is now armed and locked.

Alarm Disarm and Unlock

To disarm your vehicle's alarm and unlock the car doors, hold your finger over the ‘Red Circle’ for 2.5 seconds. Once the LEDs start their circular pattern, release. You can now start to enter your 4 digit code. Listen for the siren chirps when you enter each number. After you have entered the fourth digit, after 2 seconds the system will disarm and the LEDs will go out.

2-Way LCD Remote Paging

The RPS TOUCH also doubles as a 2-way remote pager. If someone is trying to reach you from your vehicle, all they have to do is tap twice on the "Red Circle" on the RPS TOUCH that is mounted to your windshield. Your 2-way remote will then vibrate or ring, indicating that someone is trying to reach you at your vehicle. All you need for this feature is a 2-way LCD remote and/or the DroneMobile application via your smartphone. You can even use this feature to locate your keys if you happen to misplace them.

Touch Panel Sensitivity

To change touch sensitivity, open the driver’s door and press and hold the button on the back of the RPS Touch. The LEDs will first turn on solid and then they will go out. Once the LED lights go out, release the button. To set the sensitivity level, press and release the button until the desired level is reached. The number of solid LEDs represent sensitivity of touch, with 1 being the least sensitive and 5 being the most sensitive.