Lukas Dashcam (Full HD - 1 Channel - ADAS 1.0 - Wi-Fi - GPS - 16GB)

Lukas Dashcam (Full HD - 1 Channel - ADAS 1.0 - Wi-Fi - GPS - 16GB)

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    • Single Channel Lukas Dashcam (Front)
    • Dual Display 3.5" IPS LCD Touchscreen
    • Ambarella A12 Processor
    • ADAS 1.0 - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
    • Automatic Night Vision
    • G Sensor: Built-in 3 axis sensor (impact, sudden brake and sudden start)
    • Dual band GPS (GPS + Glonass)
    • Wi-Fi Connectivity
    • Built-in Speaker and Microphone
    • Built-in Low Voltage Cut Off Circuit - Prevents vehicle battery discharge
    • Built-in Supercapacitor
    • Player Program: Lukas Viewer / General Media Player
    • Format Free Technology - Reduces the need to reformat MicroSD cards
    • 16GB MicroSD Card Included - Max capacity 128GB

    • Camera: 2.1MP Sony IMX322 CMOS Sensor
    • Resolution: Full HD - 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps
    • Viewing Angle: Diagonal 130 Degrees - Horizontal 103 Degrees - Vertical 55 Degrees
    • 0.5 lux Sensitivity
    • LCD Resolution and Size: 320 x 480 Pixels / 3.5" Touch Screen
    • Video Compression: MP4 (MPEG)

      The lens can rotate 90 degrees so the camera can be mounted in all types of vehicles from ordinary cars to vehicles with almost vertical windshields. Perfect for all vehicles, including machines, tractors, trucks and buses. The new unique design also allows you to hide all cables when installed correctly.

      The V900 has built-in Pseudo Speed Mode (P Mode). It enables ADAS to continually function when driving through areas where GPS signal may be weak such as in tunnels. With P Mode, ADAS information is provided throughout your drive without disconnections to provide a safer driving experience.

      The V900 is also equipped with automatic night vision so that the recordings are always optimal no matter what time of day or night you drive.

User-Friendly Interface System:
    • Voice guide and LED show operation status of Dashcam
    • Voice on/off function protects your privacy
    • Precisely adjust shooting angle

Records in 4 Different Ways:
    • 1. Always record while driving, stored for 3 minutes video clips of which the oldest is always deleted so you never run out of storage space.
    • 2. Motion sensor that starts when motion is detected. Saves 10 seconds before and 20 seconds after. Sensitivity can be adjusted.
    • 3. Events are saved automatically if G-sensor is triggered. Saves 10 seconds before and 20 seconds after G-sensor is triggered.
    • 4. Manual recording: Save 30 seconds by pressing the E button. Saves 10 seconds before and 20 seconds after you press.

ADAS 1.0 - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems:
    • LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System)
    • FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System)

Media Viewing Software: 
    When you remove the memory card and plug it into the computer you can then simply analyze how the accident or incident occurred with the software. This software will allow you to review the event, collecting vital information about your speed and location. A built in Google Map will show you the journey on the road while on playback and will allow you to find your exact location. You can use this software on a PC or Mac.